Downhill biking, also known as downhill mountain biking, is a high-adrenaline activity that involves riding a specialized mountain bike downhill on steep and rugged terrain. The objective of downhill biking is to descend the mountain as quickly as possible while maneuvering through obstacles such as rocks, roots, and drops.

The bikes used in downhill biking are specifically designed for this sport and are equipped with features that allow them to handle rough terrain. These bikes typically have complete suspension systems, wide and knobby tires, and disc brakes, providing ample stopping power. They also have a low center of gravity, which improves stability and control at high speeds.

Downhill biking is an exciting and adventurous activity that involves riding a bike downhill on mountainous terrain with steep slopes and rough trails. In Ecuador, downhill biking is a popular activity, particularly in the regions of Chimborazo and Baños, where the stunning landscapes and challenging terrain provide ideal conditions for this sport.

7 Hours 3-9 People
Riding downhill Chimborazo tour from Carrell Refuge at 4800 meters with mountain bikes is a challenging but rewarding adventure.
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