Baños to Guayaquil and Montañita

1 Day

Baños to Guayaquil:

Embark on an unforgettable journey from the mountain town of Baños to the bustling city of Guayaquil, with breathtaking scenery and cultural highlights along the way.

Departure from Baños: Our tour departs promptly at 8:00 AM from Baños, ensuring an early start to our adventure.

Length of Drive: The drive covers approximately 320 kilometers (about 200 miles), winding through the picturesque landscapes of the Ecuadorian Andes.

Route: Our route takes you south on the E30 and E35 highways, offering panoramic views of lush valleys, towering mountains, and cascading waterfalls.


  1. Toilet Stop:
    • We’ll make brief restroom breaks at designated rest areas along the route, ensuring your comfort throughout the journey.
  2. Balvanera Church (Quick Touristic Stop):
    • Enjoy a short visit to Balvanera Church, located near Ambato. This colonial-era church is a perfect spot to stretch your legs, take photos, and soak in the historical charm.

Arrival in Guayaquil: We’ll arrive in Guayaquil around 2:00 PM, dropping you off at a convenient location, ideal for those catching flights to the Galápagos Islands.

Guayaquil to Montañita:

Continue your adventure from Guayaquil to the laid-back beach town of Montañita, where the surf is always up and the vibes are always chill.

Departure from Guayaquil: After a brief stop in Guayaquil, we’ll depart for Montañita around 2:30 PM.

Length of Drive: The drive spans approximately 180 kilometers (about 112 miles), hugging the Pacific coastline for a scenic coastal journey.

Route: Our route takes us southwest along the E40 highway, offering stunning ocean views and glimpses of coastal villages along the way.


  1. Bathroom Breaks:
    • Additional restroom breaks will be scheduled at designated rest areas or gas stations to keep you comfortable.

Arrival in Montañita: We’ll reach Montañita between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM, allowing you to settle into your accommodations and dive into the vibrant beach town scene.

Join us on our Baños to Guayaquil and Montañita ride for traveling safely in Ecuador and peace of mind

Minimum Seats : 3-4

Max Occupancy 10-12

Costs per person

Baños to Guayaquil $79 p/p

Baños to Montañita $100 p/p

Special discounts if groups of 6 plus

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Baños to Guayaquil and Montañita